John Cena falls alone against The Bloodline on Smackdown

John Cena kicked things off on Smackdown by expressing his eagerness to step back into the ring for a televised match, his first since the December 30th episode of SmackDown. He openly acknowledged his ongoing feud with The Bloodline and even invited Styles to join him in the ring. Jimmy Uso and Sikoa then made their entrance to the Smackdown stage, notably arriving together.

Both Cena and Styles pressed Adam Pearce to arrange the match they were looking for, but Pearce insisted dealing with The Bloodline is complicated. Pearce said he would speak with The Bloodline’s special counsel, Paul Heyman, about putting the match together.

Pearce took a trip to The Bloodline’s locker room, contract in hand, to finalize the details. Heyman eventually agreed but insisted on scheduling the tag team match for a later date. Pearce then announced that Cena and Styles would face Sikoa and Uso at Fastlane on October 7th.

Later on in the show, Heyman informed Uso that Roman Reigns needed to approve these decisions. Sikoa assured Heyman not to worry, saying that no one would be left standing to face them at Fastlane. Meanwhile, Styles was carried out on a stretcher. A frustrated Karl Anderson said he warned Styles against crossing The Bloodline.

Back in the ring, Heyman pointed out that Cena had signed the Fastlane contract, but Styles had not. Uso then grabbed the microphone from Heyman and taunted Cena. Cena stormed into the ring and soon found himself overwhelmed by the numbers game. Sikoa delivered two Samoan Spikes, and Uso finished Cena off with an Uso Splash. With Cena down, Uso and Sikoa signed the contract for their Fastlane match, bringing the show to a close.

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