John Cena Is The New Face Of MET-Rx

MET-Rx has launched a multi-year partnership with John Cena to promote its meal replacement products through a digital campaign. According to MET-Rx, Cena will be “flexing his fit physique and comedic talents to amplify the brand’s commitment to fueling greatness and inspiring big wins with its high-protein products.”

The campaign, called “MET-Rx Flex,” features a series of digital ads parodying 90s fitness videos, complete with neon, spandex, and fanny packs.

“MET-Rx is the original sports nutrition brand, with products I can authentically and enthusiastically recommend because I’ve been using them since the 90s to meet my protein goals and power through workouts,” said Cena. “MET-Rx meal replacement bars prepare me to FLEX big in the ring, in the gym, and on set. I can’t wait to share them and inspire others to challenge themselves and achieve their own goals with this new campaign.”

Bree Randall, Marketing Director of MET-Rx, highlighted Cena’s authentic connection with the audience and his consistent use of their products as key to their new campaign. “The fact that John Cena has used MET-Rx products as part of his fitness regime for three decades, along with his unique ability to authentically connect with people of all walks of life, make him the perfect partner for our next phase of growth,” said Randall. “John’s dedication to excellence, relentless pursuit of greatness and genuine passion for educating people about fitness and nutrition will motivate fans to embrace their own ‘MET-Rx FLEX’ and reach their full potential with the help of MET-Rx.”

More information on the campaign is available at

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