John Cena’s ‘Wipeout’ Game Show Premieres Tonight on TBS

The “Wipeout” game show on TBS, hosted by John Cena and Nicole Byer is back for a new season.

Having initially debuted in April 2021, this marks the series comeback after its original premiere on ABC in 2008. The show’s format remains as the same, incorporating unexpected twists and challenging elements designed to put contestants through their paces.

Competitors will have to be ready to get wet and wild, down and dirty, for a crack at $25,000 as they race through the courses, which include the iconic big red balls. Added are also new challenges “Ding Dong Damage” trap door, the “Face Time with Nicole” heavy hammer, and the “Backboned” moving bridge. At the end of each episode, one team will claim the top prize.

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