John Laurinaitis Submits Motion to Join Vince McMahon in Requesting Arbitration for Janel Grant Lawsuit

John Laurinaitis has joined Vince McMahon in seeking arbitration in Janel Grant’s lawsuit. Laurinaitis’ lawyer announced the motion, aligning with McMahon who, on April 23, argued their relationship was consensual and denied coercion or mistreatment.

Edward Brennan, legal representative for John Laurinaitis said:

“John Laurinaitis has filed a Motion today fully joining in and adopting Vince McMahon’s motion to compel arbitration. Mr. Laurinaitis corroborates Mr. McMahon in publicly declaring that Ms. Grant’s allegations of sexual abuse and coercion in her Complaint are completely unfounded. My client will fight these false allegations together with Mr. McMahon in the proper forum, arbitration.”

The lawsuit, filed by Grant on January 25 against McMahon, WWE, and Laurinaitis, charges McMahon with sex trafficking, emotional abuse, and sexual assault. Laurinaitis, who denied the allegations on February 1, claims he was also a victim. Grant has filed a motion to strike McMahon’s initial response.

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