Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn reunite on Smackdown

Cody Rhodes kicked off tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown and called Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn out to the ring to try to work things between the two. Chants of “hug it out” broke out in the crowd.

Zayn expressed his desire to work things out with Owens. Zayn asked Owens to work with him to take down The Bloodline, if not as friends than as parties with mutual enemies. Owens wondered why he would unite with someone who didn’t want to be his friend and exited the ring.

At the end of Smackdown, Sami and Jey Uso had a confrontation in the ring. Jey said he had no choice but to side with The Bloodline. Jey called Sami a “fake ass Uce.” Zayn cut off Jey, telling him that he did have a choice. Zayn insisted that deep down Jey wanted to crack Reigns with a steel chair at the Royal Rumble.

Jey then attacked Sami and the two fought until Jimmy Uso ran in the ring. The Usos laid out Zayn with steel steps, but Owens’ music hit before more damage could be done. Owens snuck up behind The Usos and took out the undisputed WWE tag team champions. Jimmy Uso received a stunner and Jey Uso was planted with a pop-up powerbomb.

SmackDown closed with Owens and Zayn giving in to the crowds’ “hug it out” chant while Rhodes watched with a smile on his face from a backstage monitor.

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