LA Knight Beats the Miz with John Cena as Special Guest Referee at WWE Payback

The Payback host, John Cena, made a surprise appearance in the ring just before the match began. He announced that he was appointing himself as the special guest referee for the match, a decision that didn’t sit well with The Miz. Miz attempted to dissuade Cena from this choice and even went as far as berating him. Despite Miz’s protests, Cena was eventually handed a referee shirt, and then the match got underway with Cameron Grimes Knight making his entrance.

As soon as the bell rang, Miz tried to make a quick exit from the ring, but Knight was having none of it and pursued him, leading to a furious exchange of strikes both inside and outside the ring. Miz managed to gain the upper hand, pummeling Knight with punches and slamming him into the ringside guardrail. However, Knight had a momentary resurgence, countering with a backdrop over the guardrail before Miz regained control.

Cena intervened in the match, breaking up a corner attack by Miz for disregarding the referee’s count. Miz didn’t take kindly to Cena’s interference, but Cena also applied the same rules to Knight on two occasions. This prompted Miz to blindside Knight while he was in a dispute with Cena, resulting in several near falls.

Miz delivered his signature “It Kicks” but Knight cleverly countered the final kick, turning it into a powerful slam. Miz retaliated with a pair of DDTs after a brief period of Knight’s offense. There was a close call when Knight nearly accidentally punched Cena. Miz attempted his Skull-Crushing Finale finisher, but it only yielded a two-count. In a nod to Cena, Miz mocked his “You can’t see me” taunt and went for a fist drop, but Knight countered with a surprising move of his own, hitting the BFT to secure the victory.

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