Las Vegas tourism authority approves $5 million to host WWE WrestleMania 41

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority approved $5 million in sponsorship dollars for WrestleMania 41, set for April 19-20, 2025, at Allegiant Stadium. This event, scheduled during the typically slow Easter weekend, aims to boost tourism t the city.

Related WWE events will be hosted at an MGM Resorts venue and the Las Vegas Convention Center. Lisa Motley from the tourism group anticipates over 180,000 fans, generating 144,000 hotel room nights.

Of the $5 million, it’s unclear how much WWE will receive as a site fee versus the amount allocated for subsidies such as venue rentals, advertising, and signage.

In a recent earnings call, TKO Vice President Mark Shapiro mentioned that WWE set a record site fee for February’s Elimination Chamber in Perth, Australia, though he didn’t disclose the exact amount. Last December, he announced a $16 million deal for multiple events in Australia.

WWE’s largest site fees come from Saudi Arabia, which pays $50 million per premium live event.

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