Logan Paul retains the U.S Title against Kevin Owens via DQ

Logan Paul Retains US Title Via DQ

WWE United States Champion Logan Paul took on Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble. Paul struggled to match Owens’ wrestling prowess in the ring, resorting to a handshake ruse that quickly backfired with Owens’ aggressive response.

Paul managed to gain an advantage by targeting Owens’ injured hand, using his athletic and combat skills to even the odds. He executed a series of high-flying moves and submissions, but Owens fought back fiercely with cannonballs and a frog splash. Both competitors exchanged high-impact moves, with Paul nearly winning after a buckshot lariat and splash. However, a distracted Paul lost his upper hand, allowing Owens to counter with a brainbuster.

In the climactic sequence, Paul dodged Owens’ finishers and nearly succeeded with a punch. His attempt to use brass knuckles was thwarted by the referee, but interference from Theory and Waller helped him regain them. Owens turned the tables, using the knuckles on Paul, but was disqualified when the referee noticed the knuckles in his hand.

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