Logan Paul wins the United States Championship at WWE Crown Jewel

Logan Paul defeated Rey Mysterio to win the United States Championship at WWE Crown Jewel.

Paul began the match with his usual flamboyance, arriving at the arena in a dune buggy. He initially held his own against the legendary luchador, engaging in a series of back-and-forth moves.

Paul’s strength and power became the turning point in the match as he used it to gain an advantage over Mysterio. He intercepted Mysterio mid-air and countered Mysterio’s top rope cross-body attempt. Then, he slammed Mysterio into the ring post and executed a springboard moonsault.

Mysterio managed to seize a moment of relief by sending Paul crashing into the ring post with a shoulder tackle, sending him flying out of the ring. Paul retaliated with a shaky slingshot clothesline, but Mysterio answered with a cross-face. The most awe-inspiring moment of the match occurred when Paul executed a second rope moonsault slam on Mysterio, nearly securing a victory.

Paul thwarted Mysterio’s signature 619 move, but Mysterio finally found his opportunity with a sunset bomb and a Code Red. Paul managed to kick out and, with the help of one of his allies, tried to retrieve brass knuckles. However, Paul fumbled the weapon outside the ring, and his accomplice was intercepted by Santos Escobar who briefly held the knuckles but left them on the ring apron as he pursued Paul’s ally. This inadvertent or intentional act allowed Paul to recover the brass knuckles and use them to deliver a devastating blow to Mysterio after taking a 619 for the win.

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