Lucha Bros defeat The Young Bucks to win AEW World Tag Team Titles

In a Steel Cage match, The Young Bucks tried to climb the cage immediately but were caught by a flying dropkick. As expected, constant action followed, with bodies flying around the ring and the Bucks repeatedly being tossed into the cage.

The Bucks took over on offense when the Lucha Bros both crashed into the steel cage at the same time. The Bucks tried to rip off the masks of their opponents taking any shortcut possible as they took control of the match.

A BTE Trigger on Penta only got a two count when Fenix broke the pin and Fenix stormed back before driving a tack-covered shoe into the head of both Bucks and hitting the black thunder driver for his own near fall. Both teams delivered package piledrivers. Penta hit Canadian Destroyer off the top rope onto Matt.

At the end of the match Fenix went to the top of the cage to hit a move but Nick Jackson caught up to him but then fell off. The Lucha Brothers hit a tandem driver to win the titles.

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