Mark Henry has announced he is leaving AEW

On Monday, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry announced that he will be leaving AEW when his contract expires this week. Henry joined AEW in 2021, serving as an analyst on AEW Rampage, and also worked as a producer, scout, and mentor. Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Henry described his departure as a “mutual thing” and thanked AEW and The Khan family for his time there.

Mark said: “My contract with AEW is set to expire tomorrow, the 28th. And today, of course, is the 27th. So, I wanted to address that matter. And Tony Khan said at the press conference that he was very happy and proud of what we did together. I feel exactly the same way. I appreciate everything that happened at AEW with Tony Khan and the Khan family. I’ve had a great experience. I do feel like it’s time for me to take more time to handle and the ReMarkable brand and focus that attention on what my next steps are. I am not going to be renewing my deal.”

He added: “I think that, you know, it’s a mutual thing. If I can’t dedicate 100% of myself, then it’s only fair for both parties to end the relationship on a positive note. Like I said, it’s been nothing but positive. I’ve done my best to help as many people as I could. There was still some things that I wanted to help with that I didn’t get to finish but those people have my phone number and any time that they need to call me, I’m available for them. I am not leaving pro wrestling. What I’m saying is that I’m gonna take some time to, you know, work on some projects and I’m gonna come back again full force because that’s what I do.”

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