Mercedes Moné is the new NJPW Strong Women’s Champion

TBS Championship and NJPW Strong Women’s Championship — Mercedes Mone (c) vs. Stephanie Vaquer (c):

This champion vs. champion match delivered on its promise, with Mone and Vaquer exchanging hard blows and big moves. Vaquer initially dominated after a springboard crossbody to the outside. Mone countered with an anti-air dropkick as Vaquer leapt off the top ropes.

The finish was thrilling, with Mone locking in a crossface, but Vaquer powered out into a lumbar check. The New York crowd supported Vaquer, booing Mone’s pair of backstabbers. The match ended with an impressive exchange of counters, culminating in Mone hitting the Money Maker into a cross-face for the submission win. Britt Baker’s post-match appearance was warmly received by the crowd. Mone’s strong in-ring performance continues to enhance her reputation, contrasting with AEW’s slower promotional build before her TBS title win.

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