Mercedes Mone Shares How WWE Complicated Her Mandalorian Filming

In 2020, Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, landed a significant acting role in the second season of The Mandalorian, a Star Wars series. However, she faced challenges from WWE, which made it difficult for her to participate by scheduling house shows during her filming dates.

Talking to Hot 97, Mone said, “I love WWE, but they tried so hard not to make me do the Mandalorian and put me on house shows when I was supposed to film. It was like pulling teeth just to get on that show, just to be part of that show. ”

Mone eventually left WWE in 2022 and joined AEW, where she found a more accommodating schedule that allowed her to pursue more acting opportunities. Praising AEW’s president, Tony Khan, for his support, Mone expressed her gratitude for the flexibility and opportunities she now has.

In her WWE career, Mone appeared in various company-produced shows, but her notable acting break came with The Mandalorian, where she played Koska Reeves, a brave warrior. After leaving WWE, she debuted in the film “The Collective” in 2023, playing the role of Nikita. Now 32, Mone is a prominent figure in AEW, holding both the AEW TBS Champion and NJPW Strong Women’s Champion titles.

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