MJF returns at AEW Double Or Nothing

MJF made a shocking return by interrupting Adam Cole’s promo at AEW Double Or Nothing. After a brief embrace, MJF, dressed in a denim and leather jacket, delivered a low blow to Cole.

MJF then addressed the crowd, explaining that trusting someone was a mistake he won’t repeat. From now on, he is driven solely by hatred, and no one is safe.

“I don’t need New Japan or Vince McMahon to make MJF, because MJF made MJF!” he said, receiving a huge reaction from the audience. MJF then spat on the Devil mask and threw it into the crowd, symbolizing a farewell to 2023 and a new beginning. He concluded by announcing his commitment to AEW, ending speculation about his contract and the potential bidding war of 2024.

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