Moose Wins TNA World Championship At TNA Hard To Kill 2024, Nic Nemeth Appears

Moose won the TNA World Heavyweight Title at TNA Hard to Kill by emerging victorious over Alex Shelley in the main event. The end of the match featured Moose overcoming the Shellshock and delivering a Spear to claim victory.

Following Moose’s win, he was welcomed by Nic Nemeth, previously known as Dolph Ziggler in the WWE. Nemeth delivered a superkick and a Zig Zag to Moose, then proceeded to engage with the crowd, unveiling his TNA shirt in the process.

This win signifies Moose’s second run as the TNA World Champion. Shelley’s championship run lasted 218 days, beginning when he captured the title from Steve Maclin at IMPACT Against All Odds. During his reign, Shelley successfully defended his title on eight occasions.

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