New Matches Announced for NXT Battleground

NXT Battleground is gearing up with the addition of two significant matches. Oba Femi is scheduled to defend the NXT North American Championship in a triple threat match against Wes Lee and Joe Coffey. This match arrangement came about after both Coffey and Lee managed to pin Josh Briggs in a qualifier, leading to Ava’s announcement of a triple threat at the Battleground event. The match, originally set to include Ivar, saw a lineup change due to Ivar’s injury, with Coffey stepping in as his replacement.

Another major addition is an NXT Underground match featuring Shayna Baszler versus Lola Vice. This match was confirmed following a post-match brawl between Baszler and Vice, after Vice attacked Baszler, who retaliated with a chokehold. The intense altercation prompted Ava to book the match for the upcoming Battleground.

The event will also include the NXT Women’s Championship match and a ladder match to determine the first NXT Women’s North American Champion.

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