Nia Jax wins the WWE Queen of the Ring tournament

Nia Jax is the 2024 Queen of the Ring winner and will go on to SummerSlam to challenge for the Women’s Championship.

In the match, Jax dominated Valkyria, effortlessly fending off early attempts at a roll-up and drop toe hold. Valkyria used her speed to try and avoid Jax’s power, managing to send Jax through the ropes and hit a dive. Despite this, Jax maintained control, smashing Valkyria into the ring apron and dropping an elbow for a near fall. Jax methodically wore down Valkyria, who briefly rallied with a series of strikes that brought Jax to her knee. Jax recovered, hitting a Samoan drop.

Valkyria avoided Jax’s Annihilator attempt on the ring apron, hitting a bulldog on the floor and a tornado DDT in the ring for a near fall. Jax responded with another Samoan drop and went for the Annihilator again but was knocked from the ropes, allowing Valkyria to hit a double stomp and a leg drop for another near fall. Valkyria tried to powerbomb Jax off the second rope, but Jax countered, landing a modified Annihilator for the win.

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