Nick Khan: WWE not actively looking to sell

WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan gave an interview to the Sports Business Journal, where he discussed his time in the WWE and the major changes he has made.

Khan detailed Vince McMahon’s vision for bringing WWE to “the adult table,” in media, saying: “Vince believed that WWE was at a place where it had earned a seat at the adult table, but others in the company didn’t see it that way,” Khan said.

He went on: “For the company to be treated the way that Vince, Stephanie, Kevin Dunn and myself and others believed it should be treated in the community, you needed executives who reflected that, who had range, who could get people on the phone and who could be taken seriously by their peers,” he said.

Rumors have run rampant in recent years that WWE is prepping itself for a sale. Khan said the company has taken some inbound calls from companies looking to buy. But he stressed that WWE is not in active conversations trying to sell the company and is not actively looking to sell.

Nick Khan has been part of WWE since joining the company in August 2020 becoming the WWE President and Chief Revenue Officer. Khan is responsible for increasing revenue and oversaw the five-year deal with NBCUniversal, worth upwards of $1 billion.

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