Orange Cassidy wins the AEW International Title on AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday

Orange Cassidy defeated Rey Fenix to regain the AEW International Championship on AEW Dynamite Title Tuesday.

The match started with Cassidy delivering a flurry of forearm strikes, but Fenix countered with a lariat. Fenix attempted a German suplex, but his back gave out prematurely. Cassidy then missed a charge into the ropes, giving Fenix the opportunity to connect with a rope walk punt kick to the arm for a two-count. Fenix followed up with a thrust kick and a massive Frog Splash, coming dangerously close to securing the victory.

Cassidy, seizing the moment, sent Fenix outside the ring and repeatedly slammed him into the railing and ring post. Fenix attempted to get back into the ring, but Cassidy swept his legs out from under him, causing Fenix to land on his head.

Back in the ring, Cassidy climbed the ropes, but Fenix thwarted his plans. Fenix aimed for a Muscle Buster, but his ailing back failed him once more, allowing Cassidy to hit a diving and Tornado DDT, spiking Fenix for a near fall. Fenix narrowly evaded the Orange Punch and attempted the rolling Cutter, but his hurt back once again prevented the move. Cassidy managed to execute the Beach Break for a two-count, and then followed it up with the Orange Punch and Mouse Trap to secure the pinfall victory and reclaim the championship title.

Cassidy’s victory ends Fenix’s 21-day reign as the International Championship holder. Fenix had won the title by defeating Jon Moxley at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

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