Paul Heyman made it personal with Cody Rhodes on RAW

Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman came face-to-face on RAW when Heyman interrupted a Rhodes promo and the two started the build to the WrestleMania 39 main event.

Paul Heyman started by congratulated Rhodes on his Royal Rumble victory. Rhodes spoke about Heyman giving his father a payday in ECW when the Rhodes family desperately needed it, leading both men to cry.

After the compliments stopped, Heyman said that Dusty Rhodes had trained and prepared top stars, including Roman Reigns, but he never trained his own son. Heyman ended his rant by saying that in his final conversation with Dusty, Dusty said Cody was his favorite son, but Reigns was the son he always wished he had.

“God, Cody, I can’t convey in words how much I loved your father,” Heyman told Cody. “And I can tell you straight to your face — man, did your father love you. I’ll tell you this one personally. In my last conversation with your dad, he told me you, Cody, were his favorite son — but Roman Reigns was the son he always wanted.”

Rhodes said everyone wants to make the match personal, but it won’t be Heyman who pays for it. Cody is going to make Reigns pay by taking his titles at WrestleMania “personally.”


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