Peacock Is Editing WWE Network Content

NBCUniversal is reviewing all WWE content to ensure it aligns with Peacock’s standards and practices and editing or removing controversial old footage.

There have been two major edits that fans have noticed so far. The first was from WrestleMania VI where Rowdy Roddy Piper did a promo and a match with half his body painted black going against Bad News Brown, a Black wrestler. Both the promo and the match has been edited out of the Peacock version.

The second was from Survivor Series 2005 where Mr. McMahon, the TV character of owner and CEO Vince McMahon, said the N-word to John Cena. That backstage scene is also taken out from the Peacock version.

On the WWE Network, these shows were all available in their original form without any obvious cuts or censorship. Rather than delete history, fans have suggested that Peacock should go the same route as Disney Plus and show a disclaimer before programming that’s particularly objectionable.

WWE and NBCUniversal announced a multiyear agreement in late January that was reportedly worth $1 billion. The WWE Network will remain accessible in the U.S. until April 6, then shift to Peacock.

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