Port Authority launches investigation after Matt Riddle’s Sexual Assault Claim

An internal investigation has been launched by the Port Authority of NY & NJ following sexual assault allegations made by WWE superstar Matt Riddle, who claims he was subjected to ‘sexual assault’ and ‘harassment’ at JFK International Airport.

Matt Riddle took to his Instagram account and claimed he was sexually assaulted at JFK Airport in New York with the incident leaving him being ‘uncomfortable’ and he felt ‘small’ and ‘useless.’

In the now deleted post on his Instagram, Riddle said: “Nothing like being sexually assaulted by an officer and harassed at the jfk airport, no means no and just because I’m nice doesn’t mean yes!!! Asshole!!! Don’t know they’re Twitter or instagram handles but I took pictures, normally I’m like whatever but today was really weird and uncomfortable and they made a point to make me feel small and useless. Definitely one of the most uncomfortable travel days I’ve ever had thanks NYC you’re so progressive and accepting!”

A spokesperson for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said that ‘the matter is currently under investigation’.

Port Authority officers were called to deal with a ‘disorderly person’ getting off the plane, and met Riddle in the terminal. When confronted by police, Riddle appeared apologetic and non-confrontational. There wasn’t a police report filed, and everyone was allowed to leave. Given all that, the Port Authority are said to be ‘shocked’ by the wrestler’s allegation and have promptly opened an internal investigation into the incident.

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