Powerhouse Hobbs releases statement regarding his injury

Powerhouse Hobbs has expressed his frustration over a leg injury sustained during last month’s Dynamite on X. He assured fans that his return would be fierce. The injury occurred in the final moments of an IWGP World Championship match against Jon Moxley. Hobbs injured his leg when he charged at Moxley in the corner, who evaded the attack, leading to Hobbs’s injury upon impact. The match concluded shortly after with Moxley retaining his title.

Hobbs wrote:

“Not sure what to say. Injuries happen and we deal with them. We recalibrate, we rebuild, we reinvent. The real test is the comeback. I’ve been told I’ll come back like nothing ever happened.

So, why do I feel so angry right now? Why do I feel so disappointed? It’s because that’s all bullshit. Nobody comes back the same after any injury. The only choice is to come back better.

As I sit here on this Island of Darkness, I have thousands of questions running through my mind nonstop. The doctors tell me not to worry. Just HEAL and RECOVER. They have no idea that this is nothing compared to the hell I’ve been through. Just rest assured when I come back that I’m bringing Hell with me.”

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