Randy Orton defeats the Fiend at WrestleMania

Randy Orton defeated The Fiend at WrestleMania 37 by way of an odd interference from Alexa Bliss.

Before the match Bliss then made her way down to the ring and started playing a giant Jack-in-the-Box. The Fiend eventually popped out and nailed Orton with a diving clothesline.

Orton attacked The Fiend on the outside of the ring, dropping him on the announce table, but his offense had no effect before The Fiend locked in the mandible claw. Orton escaped back into the ring and hit the hanging DDT, again to no effect as The Fiend came back to continue his assault.

However just as Wyatt was about hit Sister Abigail to end the match, Bliss appeared on top of the box and stared bleeding excessively from her face. Orton used the opening to hit an RKO and win the match. The screen cut to black as Fiend stared down a crazed-looking Bliss. When the lights came back up the fans in the arena started booing.

The pre-match spectacle of The Fiend’s entrance was great, but the match itself didn’t really do much before the sudden, very odd ending.



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