Randy Orton talks Triple H’s final match and impact on his career

Randy Orton sits down with Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast to talk about Triple H’s final match and how much Triple H meant for his career.

Randy said it’s an honor to be one of Triple H’s last opponents, but he hates that they didn’t know it was going to be his final bout.

“It’s an honor, I just hate that that was the last match, I hate that we didn’t know that was the last match. In your head, it’s always going to go down in the manner that you want it to go down, you’re going to get that last match. I know in my head, I know what I would love to see happen. You know what that is and it’s just being able to set it all up to where you have that one opponent, that hand-picked opponent that you know you can just kill it with.

“You have the best story going and you are back out a year and it culminates in this match, that’s what you hang the boots on but that’s not how it happens. The older I get, it does get a little scary when you start thinking about there’s a limit to what physically the body can handle. That RKO, I’m jumping up in the air and landing on my ass. I might have done it a couple of thousand times, maybe more, but I love doing it. The end is nowhere near for me, that’s for sure.”

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