Renee Paquette Interviews MJF on AEW Dynamite

Renee Paquette interviewed the self-proclaimed “devil” ahead of his AEW World Championship match against her husband, Jon Moxley, at Full Gear.

MJF vowed to win the world title and fueled by the enormous chip on his shoulder put there by those who doubted him over the years.

Renee: “Should Jon Moxley retain tonight, you’ll be facing him at FULL GEAR. How do you feel about that?”

MJF: “Listen, Renee, with all due respect, and I do mean with all due respect, when I think of Jonathan, only one word comes to mind: Mid. Last week when I said I was going to earn it, I meant what I said. I may have gotten carried away when I said I was going to wrestle the whole thing clean. I mean, c’mon, I’m still MJF.

“When Regal said he used his brass knuckles because he wanted to, not because he wanted to. Alluding to my Dynamite Diamond Ring. So I promise I will not use my Dynamite Diamond Ring at FULL GEAR. Because I don’t need it. I only need a grudge. And I’m chock full of them.

“And come November 19th, I ain’t fighting Regal, I ain’t fighting Moxley, I ain’t fighting Penta, I am fighting every single scumbag who said I wasn’t good enough. And I’m going to take this chip on my shoulder and shove it down each and every one of their throats when I become AEW World Champion.”


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