Rhea Ripley is the new Raw Women’s Champion

Rhea Ripley has won the Raw Women’s Championship after defeating Asuka on the second night of WrestleMania 37.

The match started with Asuka hitting a dropkick before trying for a quick roll-up. Ripley hit with a chop but was sent into the turnbuckle, which Asuka then kicked into her face. Ripley battled through the continued knees and kicks of Asuka before Asuka missed with a hip attack. Ripley was finally able to take control of the match. Ripley hit her with consecutive clotheslines and a kick, but Asuka countered it into a kneebar but Ripley powered out into a German suplex and then a pin attempt.

Asuka was able to drive Ripley into the floor with a DDT from the apron. Ripley later countered an Asuka Lock into a pin, forcing Asuka to break the hold. Seconds later, Ripley was able to hit Riptide after ducking a kick to win the title.

The win helps redeem Ripley from her WrestleMania debut last year, as last year she lost the NXT Title to Charlotte Flair.

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