Ric Flair’s Close Brush with “DEATH” Smoking Weed with Mike Tyson

Ric Flair claims he nearly died smoking weed with Mike Tyson. The Wrestling Icon recently appeared as a guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast, “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” where he participated in the common practice of smoking weed alongside Iron Mike, similar to other featured guests.

During a smoking session on the show, the 74-year-old wrestling legend, who collaborates with Tyson on his own weed strain, experienced a less than pleasant experience.

On an episode of comedian Theo Von’s podcast, The Nature Boy recounted, “I genuinely believed I had passed away.” The experience made Flair so intoxicated that he entered state of heightened paranoia.

Flair said: “All of a sudden… it finally hit three o’clock in the morning and I kinda sat up in a blur and went, ‘I’m back.’ I called someone on the phone and said, ‘Is this really you?’ That’s how screwed up I got.”

Flair drew a comparison between the outcomes of smoking with Tyson and his 2017 coma, which he entered due to complications arising from bowel surgery.

Flair found himself in such a condition because he attempted to match Tyson’s consumption. Flair recalled, “I just said, ‘I’m gonna smoke as much as you right now brother.”

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