Roman Reigns beats Rey Mysterio in the Hell in a Cell

WWE Friday Night SmackDown was headlined by the Universal Championship Hell in a Cell match between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio which was moved off Sunday’s pay-per-view.

The story of the match was that Mysterio was the offensive for several minutes because he used weapons that be brought into the ring. Reigns was finally able to take over on offense by throwing Mysterio into the side of the cell.

Reigns locked in a slightly tweaked guillotine and that was all she wrote, as Mysterio tapped and gave Reigns the win. After the match, Jimmy Uso went to the ring and acknowledged Reigns by raising his arm in the air.

Then Reigns stalked a crawling Mysterio, who was struggling to get to the ropes. Reigns was angry again, and locked in the guillotine once more, despite Mysterio tapping.

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