Roman Reigns declares he’s finished as Tribal Chief, but it turns out to be a clever twist

Roman Reigns was set to face a battle as doubts arise about his role as The Bloodline’s esteemed “Tribal Chief.” This uncertainty stems from his recent loss by pinfall at Money in the Bank, marking his first defeat in three and a half years. The trial of Reigns unfolded during WWE SmackDown’s visit to the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Trial of Roman Reigns took center stage as Heyman, accompanied by Solo Sikoa, made an abrupt entrance, interrupting The Usos during their interview. The Usos wasted no time in demanding Heyman’s silence. However, Heyman asserted that only one man possessed the authority to silence him.

As the tension reached its peak, the distinct theme music of Roman Reigns reverberated throughout the arena. Despite acknowledging his recent pinfall loss, Reigns confidently proclaimed himself as The Tribal Chief. Expressing bewilderment about his purpose that night, he raised doubts about the legitimacy of the proceedings since no Tribal Court had been summoned. Capitalizing on the opportunity, The Usos presented compelling video evidence labeled as Exhibit A, illustrating instances of Roman Reigns displaying bullying behavior towards The Bloodline. In response, Reigns vehemently distanced himself from those actions, emphasizing that they were a reflection of his past self—the person he felt obligated to be for the sake of The Usos and Solo.

Reigns further emphasized his accomplished history, stating that he had already been part of WrestleMania main events prior to The Bloodline’s rise. According to him, it was not he who needed The Bloodline, but rather The Bloodline that needed him.

Reigns admitted willingly subjecting himself to unfavorable circumstances for the sake of his family, carrying the burden of their collective well-being. However, he expressed frustration over The Usos utilizing footage of his lowest moments to publicly humiliate him, especially when his children were watching. He pondered whether he should bear the responsibility of other families alongside his own five children. Declaring his newfound detachment from the allure of wealth and power, Reigns announced his decision to walk away from it all, declaring that he had had enough. Symbolically, he removed his Samoan lei and draped it around Jey’s neck, followed by discarding his championship belt onto the canvas. In a heartfelt moment, tears streamed down Reigns’ face as he knelt down. Unexpectedly, he struck Jey with a low blow, causing the lei to fall to the mat.

Amidst the mayhem, Jimmy lunged towards Reigns, only to be intercepted by Solo, who quickly neutralized the attack. Solo’s gaze fixated on the discarded lei as chants from the crowd demanded its rightful place. As Reigns rose to his feet, his eyes locked with Solo’s, creating a powerful visual exchange. Meanwhile, fueled by his brother’s assault, Jey leaped onto Solo and Reigns, launching a relentless barrage of strikes. Yet, Solo managed to restrain Jey, executing a forceful Uranage. Reigns seized the moment and delivered a mighty Superman punch to Jimmy. With Jey incapacitated and entangled in the ropes, Reigns made it crystal clear that Jey would never achieve the esteemed title of Tribal Chief. Unleashing his fury, Reigns repeatedly struck Jimmy’s head with his championship belt, escalating the assault. The ring steps became the next instrument of punishment as Reigns unmercifully targeted Jimmy, leaving him sprawled on the ground.

Finally freeing himself from the ropes, Jey launched a fierce counter-attack against Reigns. However, Solo swiftly retaliated by executing a devastating Spike on Jey. Capitalizing on the chaos, Solo positioned Jimmy on the announce table, climbing atop the barricade before delivering a daring splash, crashing down upon Jimmy and shattering the table in the process. With reverence, Heyman placed the lei back around Reigns’ neck, while Roman triumphantly raised the championship belt high in the air.

Jimmy Uso was carried on a stretcher towards an awaiting ambulance, accompanied by Jey who reassured him that he wouldn’t be left behind. Adam Pearce and several other WWE SmackDown superstars observed solemnly as The Usos departed in the ambulance.

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