Roman Reigns defeats Kevin Owens, attacks Sami Zayn

The final match of the 2023 Royal Rumble was Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens for the undisputed WWE universal championship.

At the start of the match Owens took an early lead and crushed Reigns with a running senton and corner bomb. Owens then turned to Zayn and Paul Heyman ringside, giving them the ole “suck it” crotch chop.

The Reigns and Owens exchanged momentum inside and outside of the ring as Sami Zayn was seen celebrating a near fall for Reigns and lamenting a near fall for Owens. The commentator’s debated if his enthusiasm was for Reigns’ near victory or Owens’ survival and vice versa.

At the end of the match, Reigns hit Owens with a low blow and told Zayn to retrieve a steel chair. Zayn protested the request, reminding Reigns that he was ordered by the champion to not interfere. Reigns yelled at Zayn to retrieve it. Zayn was hesitant before giving Reigns the chair. The delay was long enough for Owens to recover, and hit the champion with a stunner and almost beat him.

Reigns bounced back and hit Owens with another spear that sent him to the outside. Owens crawled over to his former best friend and Zayn begged him to stay down and take the loss. Reigns interrupted their moment, spearing Owens through the barricade and repeatedly slamming Owens head into the steel steps. Reigns launched through Owens with one last spear and scored the pinfall while glaring at Zayn.

After the match Reigns ordered The Usos to attack Owens. Reigns, with a wide smile, put his arm around  Zayn’s shoulder as Owens was brutalized by the Usos. Zayn was visibly concerned for Owens as The Usos repeatedly struck a defenseless and handcuffed Owens with superkicks until he appeared unconscious.

Reigns attempted to finish the job with a chair to Owens’ face, but Zayn intervened. Zayn insisted that enough was enough. Reigns handed the steel chair to Zayn and demanded that he deliver the final blow. Zayn’s hesitancy drew the ire of Reigns, who repeatedly shoved Zayn in the face. Zayn ultimately made his choice and struck Reigns with the chair.

Jey Uso then yelled at Sami while Jimmy Uso super kicked Zayn and Sikoa delivered a Samoan Spike. Jey Uso, conflicted by his family’s actions, walked away in tears. Reigns accused Zayn of breaking up his family and laid into Zayn with nearly a dozen chair shots while the crowd chanted  “F–k you, Roman!”

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