Roman Reigns Pinned by Jey Uso at WWE Money in the Bank

The epic showdown known as the Bloodline Civil War Match unfolded at the WWE Money in the Bank premium live event, hosted at London’s esteemed o2 Arena. The clash pitted The Usos against the formidable team of WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

Right from the start, both factions engaged in a battle of wits, employing mind games and strategic maneuvers. The Usos initially gained the upper hand, exerting dominance over Reigns. However, Solo swiftly turned the tide with a powerful strike, seizing control of the match. Reigns executed a drive-by maneuver on Jimmy, securing a near fall count of 2. Eventually, Jey received the hot tag and unleashed a barrage of attacks on Solo, intensifying the action.

In a surprising twist, Reigns made a blind tag, but Jey’s dive from the ring onto both Solo and Reigns rendered the tag irrelevant. Reigns responded with successive superman punches to Jey, staggering his opponent. Displaying remarkable resilience, The Usos retaliated with a double spear on Reigns, nearly securing the victory, only for Solo to disrupt the pin attempt.

Tensions escalated, leading to a fierce brawl between the competitors. Reigns aimed to spear his adversaries, but found himself on the receiving end of two powerful superkicks from Jimmy. Undeterred, Jimmy attempted a splash, but Reigns swiftly trapped him in a guillotine choke. In the chaos that ensued, the referee was accidentally taken out.

Seizing the opportunity, The Usos executed their signature move, the 1D, but with no official present, the pinfall did not count. Reigns and Solo capitalized on the chaos, delivering a devastating double rock bottom. Solo furthered the onslaught by employing a spike maneuver on Jimmy, while Reigns and Solo executed a combined spike and spear on Jey. In a remarkable display of strength, they stacked The Usos on top of each other for a near fall.

Fueled by determination, Solo rallied Reigns, urging him to unleash further punishment on The Usos. Placing Jimmy on the announce table, Solo fearlessly leaped off the barricade, aiming for a splash. However, Jimmy narrowly evaded the attack. Undeterred, Reigns unleashed a spear on Jey, securing yet another near fall with a controversial low blow.

Refusing to back down, The Usos retaliated with a barrage of double superkicks, repeatedly targeting Reigns. In a climactic moment, Jey soared off the top rope, delivering a decisive splash, and securing the victory. This marked the first time in three years that Reigns had been pinned, with his previous pinfall loss dating back to December 2019 when Baron Corbin emerged triumphant at TLC.

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