Roman Reigns retained the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber

Sami Zayn looked to win a career-changing match as he went up against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on the main event of Elimination Chamber 2023.

After standing off in the ring for what seemed like an eternity as the crowd chanted into a frenzy, Zayn and Roman finally locked up almost 10 minutes later. Reigns took Zayn down and the two traded offense with Zayn throwing Reigns over the top rope before hitting a big dive onto the champion.

Reigns took back control and taunt the crowd, as well as Zayn’s wife, eventually bringing the fight directly in front of Zayn’s wife and telling her that the whole situation was Zayn’s fault.

Zayn stormed back and scored his first true near-fall with a sunset flip powerbomb as Reigns stood on the middle rope. Zayn then countered Reigns’ first Superman punch attempt with an exploder into the turnbuckles.

Outside the ring, Reigns missed another spear, crashing through the barricade. Zayn brought the Champion back it the ring and hit a blue thunder powerbomb for another close  two-count. As Zayn went for another blue thunder bomb, Reigns smashed Zayn into the referee.

Zayn then hit another Helluva kick and had a clear victory but there was no no referee to make the count. Jimmy Uso then came to the ring and hit Zayn with three superkicks and a splash before dragging Reigns onto Zayn. Zayn managed to kick out before the count of three when a new official ran to the ring.

Zayn then hit Jimmy with a Helluva kick before turning around into a Reigns spear for another near-fall. Zayn ducked out of the way of another Superman punch, this time with Reigns knocking out the second official.

Paul Heyman grabbed a chair from under the ring and handed it to Reigns. Suddenly, Jey Uso appeared and entered the ring. He stood between Reigns and Zayn. In a repeat of the scenario Reigns presented to Zayn at the Royal Rumble last month, he handed Jey the chair and asked him to strike Zayn. When Jey refused, Reigns began to push Jey’s face. Zayn then went for the spear, but hit Jey Uso by mistake.

Reigns then hit Zayn with the chair several times before hitting a spear to win the match and continue his 900-plus day title reign.

After the match, Jimmy Uso and Reigns continued to attack Zayn until Kevin Owens’ music hit and he took out Jimmy. Owens then hit both Bloodline members with a stunner before putting Jimmy through a table with a pop-up powerbomb. Paul Heyman attempted to attack Owens after Owens grabbed a chair but Owens quickly took him out. Owens then moved out of the way and allowed Zayn to hit Reigns with one final Helluva kick to end the night.

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