Roman Reigns Retains the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37

Roman Reigns put his WWE Universal Championship on the line in a Triple Threat Match against Daniel Bryan and Edge at the main event of WWE WrestleMania 37. 

All three stars looked focused and ready. Reigns went right at Bryan, landing a right hand before Edge jumped on the champion. The action quickly spilled out to the floor, with Reigns trying to set up the announce table for violence, but Bryan landed a suicide dive.

Things quickly got even more chaotic when Jey Uso got involved and helped Reigns beat down Edge, but Bryan looked to even the odds. He got super kicked. by Uso, who then went to work on Edge, but Edge sent him into the steel steps

Later in the match Edge countered a Reigns Superman punch with a DDT before setting up for a spear. Reigns hit his own counter, drilling Edge with a Superman punch and setting up for his own spear but Edge countered with a sunset flip before the men hit spears simultaneously, allowing Bryan to get back in the match. Bryan hit both men with Yes Kicks before a running knee to Edge and a kick to Reigns’ head for another near fall. He then locked in the YES Lock on Reigns. Reigns had nowhere to go but Edge broke it up.

Bryan responded by putting Edge in the same hold, this time with Reigns making the save. Reigns pummeled Bryan before taking him to the outside and powerbombing Bryan through the announce table. As Bryan was laid out, Edge drove through Reigns with a spear

Reigns and Edge ended up back in the ring with Reigns ripping a chair away from Edge. Edge responded by taking Reigns to the ground and locking in a crossface, then grabbing a piece of a now-broken chair and putting it in Reigns’ mouth to pull back on the hold. As Reigns was about to tap, Bryan caught his hand and locked in the Yes Lock. Bryan and Edge traded headbutts, both holding Reigns in their respective holds before they broke and Bryan unleashed a flurry of strikes.

Bryan went for the running knee on Edge but was hit by a spear before Edge hit Reigns with a spear, but Bryan pulled the referee from the ring before the three count. At this point Edge went crazy and attacked both with a steel chair before looking to hit both opponents with a con-chair-to.

Edge knocked Bryan a con-chair-to, but Uso ran to the ring to attack Edge before getting speared by Roman. Reigns then hit Edge his own con-chair-to. He then dragged Edge over top of Daniel Bryan and pinned both stars, getting the 3 count and the win.

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