Roman Reigns retains title thanks to the top rope breaking

Roman Reigns put his Universal Championship on the line against “The Demon” Finn Balor in an Extreme Rules match.

Balor started the match off fast and raked at the eyes of Reigns, taking advantage of the lack of rules. Reigns was quick to slide out of the ring and grab a kendo stick but Balor slid out of the ring and grabbed a bundle of several sticks.

They went back and forth on offense until Reigns tried his first pin attempt after hitting a Samoan Drop.

The brawl eventually went into the crowd, with Reigns, a cancer survivor, putting on a mask as he continued to assault Balor in the crowd. They fought around the Kickoff set and Balor dove with a crossbody off the glass table and onto Reigns that sent them crashing through a wood table.

Balor was able to swing momentum back his way as the match went back to the ring, setting up a table in the ring. It was Balor, however, who was driven through the table with a big slam for a two count.

Later in the match, Balor hit the coup de grace but The Usos pulled him out of the ring before the 3 count. The Usos thentried to put Balor through a table but he fought back and took them both out. Balor slammed Jey through the announcer’s table but Reigns then speared Balor through the barricade.

The lights then went out and the sound of a heartbeat and Balor’s music hit. This helped the Demon regain his strength and he drove Reigns through a table with a dropkick. He then threw the champion back into the ring and setting up to hit the Coup de Grace. When he was standing up on the ropes, they suddenly break, sending Balor crashing to the canvas.

This caused an injury to the Demon and thenReigns hit the spear and then pinned Balor to retain his title.

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