Roman Reigns Returns; Comes Face-To-Face with LA Knight on Smackdown

During the October 13 episode of WWE Smackdown, John Cena greeted us to the season premiere of the show. On cue, Roman Reigns’ music hit. Accompanying Reigns were Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman, whose previously gray hair was now brown. Reigns took his time in the ring before speaking, addressing Cena with, “John boy, Hollywood, if you’re going to open my show, you better do it the right way.” He then directed Tulsa to acknowledge him.

Reigns went on to label Cena as a coward, saying that Cena had reappeared only because Reigns had taken his leave. He challenged Cena’s status as the Greatest of All Time, asserting that the true GOAT was none other than Roman Reigns.

Reigns then ordered Cena to leave the ring, threatening to make him do so. In response, Cena introduced an unexpected twist. He said that he had not come to challenge Reigns; instead, he was there to pay acknowledge Reigns. Cena recognized Reigns’ record-breaking 1,000-plus days as champion as the greatest accomplishment ever. Yet Cena admitted he hadn’t earned a shot at the title himself, but he knows someone who has earned a title shot, and LA Knight’s entrance music filled the arena.

Knight engaged with the crowd for a moment before delivering his signature “Let me talk to ya!” line. He questioned whether Reigns was feeling nervous and labeled Reigns as merely an obstacle in his path. Knight introduced himself to Reigns via the crowd chanting “L-A-Knight-Yeah!” Reigns taunted Knight for the crowd now knowing his name, demanding to know who Knight thought he was, standing in Reigns’ ring.

Knight removed his sunglasses, warning Reigns that such talk could make him a footnote in history. As Knight continued his tirade, Jimmy Uso launched a surprise attack from behind.  Knight quickly recovered and beat Jimmy. A tense staredown then happened between Knight and Reigns, leading to Reigns exiting the ring. He instructed Sikoa to handle Knight, and Sikoa challenged Knight to a match, which Knight accepted.

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