Sami Zayn required 15 staples after an injury at a recent WWE house show

Sami Zayn needed 15 staples after getting busted open at WWE house show

During WWE’s holiday week house show tour, Sami Zayn sustained a significant injury in a match against Finn Balor in Toronto on December 29.

Zayn faced Balor in a Last Man Standing match. A spot at the end of the match saw Zayn put Balor through a table. However, when Zayn threw Balor into the table, part of it hit Zayn and opened a cut on his head.

Zayn won the match and it was later revealed that he required 15 staples to close the wound on his head. Despite the injury, Zayn still greeted fans outside after the show.

Before rejoining the Holiday Tour, Zayn had been away from the WWE since the December 4th episode of Raw. His absence stemmed from a request for time off, which the WWE approved.

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