Sami Zayn retains the Intercontinental Championship at King and Queen of the Ring

In a Intercontinental Championship match at King and Queen of the Ring, Sami Zayn defended his title against Chad Gable and Bronson Reed.

The match began with Reed aggressively engaging both opponents, leading to a series of high-intensity exchanges among all three. Notably, Reed executed a powerbomb combined with a superplex on Zayn and Gable. The momentum shifted frequently, with Zayn reversing a Samoan drop attempt by Reed into a powerbomb and later managing to apply an ankle lock on Gable. Despite Reed’s impressive display, including stacking Zayn and Gable for a Samoan drop and executing a suicide dive, Gable managed to exert control briefly by using German suplexes on Zayn.

The match took a pivotal turn when Otis, under Gable’s instruction, intervened but accidentally struck Gable instead of Zayn. Seizing the opportunity, Zayn delivered a Helluva Kick to Reed and secured the victory, retaining his championship.

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