Sami Zayn strikes back at Jimmy Uso on SmackDown

Jimmy Uso was in the ring to close out SmackDown. Jimmy acknowledged that Jey Uso was conflicted and hurting. Jimmy said that he would always be here for Jey Uso and that there are cracks in The Bloodline.

Sami Zayn entered the ring through the crowd and interrupted Jimmy Uso,. Zayn assured he was only here to speak with Jimmy Uso and reflected on how Jimmy Uso was the one who welcomed him into the Bloodline. He said that Jimmy always stood by him, even when Jey Uso and the rest of the group were hesitant. Zayn said how hurt he was that Jimmy Uso attacked him at the Royal Rumble. Jimmy Uso accused Zayn of being selfish. Zayn argued that having his loyalties tested every week by The Bloodline was unfair.

Jey Uso was then seen in the crowd. Zayn offered The Usos a chance to jump ship before The Bloodline sank. Distracted by Jey Uso’s arrival, Jimmy Uso blindsided Zayn, but distracted by Jimmy Uso allowed Zayn to lay him out Jimmy with a Helluva Kick.

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