Samoa Joe is the new NXT Champion

In the main event of WWE NXT TakeOver 36, Samoa Joe beat Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship.

This was Samoa Joe’s first match since February 2020. Fans chant “Joe!” as he heads to the ring. NXT Champion Karrion Kross came out to the ring by himself as the fans chant “we want Scarlett!” but she is nowhere to be seen.

Karrion Kross has ruled NXT since he became Champion. The match starts with both men circling each other, when Joe finally delivered two massive chops to Kross. Kross would get Joe into the corner, but Joe would evade him and then deliver another chop, followed by a big chop to the back, and a kick to the chest.

Late in the match, Joe would slam Karrion into the corner. Kross responded with a forearm, but Joe caught him an Uranage. Kross caught Joe with a boot but Joe hit him with a massive kick to the head, and then he picked up Kross and hit a Muscle Buster for the win.

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