Santos Escobar defeats Dragon Lee at Survivor Series.

Santos Escobar defeated Dragon Lee via pinfall at Survivor Series.

Escobar immediately took the fight to Lee, launching a flurry of attacks in an attempt to secure an early victory. He then attempted to capitalize on his early momentum by trapping Lee’s leg between the ring post and steps, but Lee managed to break free and regain control of the match.

Lee, with renewed vigor, executed a spectacular rana on Escobar from the ring apron, followed by a breathtaking dive to the outside. Escobar countered with a rana of his own from the top rope, nearly securing the pinfall.

The match continued at a frenetic pace, with both wrestlers showcasing their impressive arsenals and exchanging near falls. Finally, Escobar delivered the decisive blow, unleashing his signature Phantom Driver to seal the victory.

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