Santos Escobar Reveals Why He Turned on Rey Mysterio

On last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, there was a segment that ended with Santos Escobar betraying his longtime idol and mentor, leaving Rey Mysterio sidelined due to knee surgery.

This week’s SmackDown brought Escobar back to the ring to talk about his actions, and he showed no remorse. Instead, Escobar berated Rey. Escobar said that he hopes that Rey would suffer a severe leg infection requiring amputation.

“You thought I was going to come out here and apologize. I apologize for not doing more damage. And Rey, this one, from the bottom of my heart, I hope the surgery didn’t go well. I hope you catch an infection, and you have to amputate your leg. I hope you never come back! You’re nothing but selfish no good outright trash. That’s what you are,” Escobar said.

Zelina Vega, appalled by Escobar’s remarks, entered the ring and delivered a resounding slap to Escobar. The confrontation escalated when Escobar turned on his former partners, effectively severing ties with The LWO.

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