Seth Rollins defeats Logan Paul at Wrestlemania 39

Seth Rollins looks for vengeance against Logan Paul at WrestleMania. Before the match Logan Paul did a Shawn Michaels-like zipline ride toward the ring. Paul then entered the ring with a mascot for Prime, his sports drink.

For Rollins entrance, Music composer Jasper Randall conducted the music. The entranceway morphed into a backdrop that looked like an orchestra.

Paul has impressed in all of his WWE matches to date and Saturday night was no different. Paul showed his athleticism as he landed a buckshot lariat, springboard attack and standing moonsault on Rollins. Paul also showed technical moves, such as a leg sweep and submission move.

Towards the end of the match Rollins set up for the pedigree but got hit by Paul’s right punch for a close two-count. Rollins responded quickly with a powerbomb for his own near fall. The Prime mascot yanked Paul out of the ring, revealing himself to be YouTuber KSI.

The social media stars placed Rollins across the announcer’s table for a Paul frogsplash form the top rope. But before Paul could jump, Rollins yanked KSI onto the table just as Paul launched off the top rope. Back in the ring Paul went for a coast to coast, but Seth connected with a superkick and hit the stomp for the win.

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