Seth Rollins retains the World Heavyweight Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura

At Fastlane 2023, Seth Rollins faced off against Shinsuke Nakamura in an intense Last Man Standing Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Before the match, Damian Priest was backstage clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase, assuring that he wouldn’t leave Fastlane empty-handed. However, Rhea Ripley intervened, reminding him of his earlier decision to wait until he was fully prepared.

In the ring, Rollins grabbed a kendo stick, but before he could employ it, Nakamura sent him crashing back-first into the ring apron. Rollins then stripped the padding from the ringside area, exposing the unforgiving concrete beneath. Despite Rollins’ intentions, Nakamura stopped him before any harm could be done. Rollins retaliated by grabbing the ring steps and forcefully ramming them into Nakamura.

Rollins introduced an assortment of chairs, trash cans, and tables into the ring, but Nakamura delivered a knee to Rollins’ back. Nakamura then seized nunchucks, unleashing a flurry of strikes to Rollins’ legs and back with the weapon. Placing a trash can over Rollins’ head, Nakamura hit him with a series of kendo stick strikes before resuming his assault on Rollins’ back.

Rollins eventually countered with a barrage of kendo stick strikes to Nakamura’s back, concluding with a forceful blow to the head using a trash can. Despite a Rollins frog splash, Nakamura managed to beat the ten-count, hitting a Russian leg sweep to regain control of the match.

Later in the match, Rollins cleared the commentary desk and grabbed a ladder, thrusting it into Nakamura. He then positioned the ladder alongside the desk, but Nakamura narrowly escaped being driven through it by Rollins. The fight continued into the crowd, with Nakamura hurling Rollins off the steps and onto the ground below. Nakamura proceeded to administer a series of chair shots to Rollins’ back. Rollins struggled to mount a comeback but found himself backdropped onto the exposed ringside concrete.

Returning to the ring, Rollins executed a Pedigree, but Nakamura managed to rise just before the count reached nine. Shortly thereafter, Nakamura utilized double knees from the second rope to send Rollins through a table set up at ringside. Rollins retaliated, shoving Nakamura against the commentary desk. The two climbed the ladder only for Nakamura to mist Rollins and sent him hurtling off the ladder and through the desk.

Once again, Rollins beat the count. Nakamura backdropped Rollins onto a chair within the ring and drove him through a table in the corner. Rollins managed to escape the ring and land on his feet on the outside. After enduring further punishment from Rollins, Nakamura rallied, executing a Pedigree on a platform outside the ring, followed by a stomp. Rollins finished the match by executing a falcon arrow, sending Nakamura through tables positioned beneath the platform. While Rollins managed to beat the count, Nakamura was unable to do so.

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