Seth Rollins wins by DQ – Roman still Universal Champion

Before the match, Seth Rollins made an entrance through the crowd dressed in Shield attire and with the former group’s music playing.

Once the match started Rollins used his quickness to counter Reigns repeatedly before knocking the champion from the ring and powerbombing Reigns through the announce table. Rollins then almost won the match with a stomp but Reigns was able to kick out.

At the end of the match, Reigns hit Rollins with a spear, Rollins laughed at him and offered a fist bump only for Reigns to lock in a guillotine choke. Rollins tried to crawl to the ropes to break the hold, finally getting to the ropes. Reigns refused to break the hold, and the got disqualification.

Reigns then left the ring, grabbed a chair and used it to lay out Rollins, calling back to Rollins’ chair attack that broke up The Shield several years ago.

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