Seth Rollins wins the United States Title on WWE Monday Night Raw

Brock Lesnar returned to WWE TV on Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn. Brock interrupted a promo from Bobby Lashley, then hit him for an F5, a German Suplex and another F5 before applying a kimura lock on “The All Mighty.”

The attack came just before Lashley was supposed to defend his United States Championship against Seth Rollins. Rollins, who had his ribs bandaged because of the Fight Pit match, went out to the ring and demanded for Lashley to move forward with the advertised match.

Lashley, who was clearly injured, agreed to the match after Rollins called him a disgrace to the title and to the country. Lashley did his best but Rollins was able to win the match with two stomps to the head.

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