Shane McMahon’s son on potential WWE career: ‘I’m never ruling it out’

Declan McMahon, the son of Shane McMahon, has expressed openness to the idea of stepping into a WWE ring in the future.

During a conversation with Michael Weaver Jr. of WU Online, Declan emphasized that his current focus is on football but isn’t ruling out the chance of joining the WWE down the line. McMahon said:

“When WrestleMania 32 came to AT&T Stadium, and running out there with my dad, that was just the coolest experience of my life. Just to see 100,000 [people] and a sold-out crowd cheering for something that’s way bigger than yourself, and it really gets to put it in perspective of what it means to not only be a champion, but to be a superstar.

So, I’m never ruling it out. I would love to get in the ring maybe a couple times, but obviously you have to see if the opportunity presents itself. It’s all about the story, but we’ll see. I think a lot of fans would get behind it if we ended up doing it, and I think I’d be be pretty good at it. But you never know. Never ruling an option out. But as for now, focusing on football and school, and we’ll play that by ear.”

Declan is currently a walk-on running back for the Indiana Hoosiers football team. He redshirted the 2022 season and is currently on the roster for the 2023 season, but has not yet seen playing time.

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