Shayna Baszler says it felt good to finally shut up Ronda Rousey

Shayna Baszler says she took satisfaction in the resounding crack of her knee connecting with Ronda Rousey’s face.

After the dissolution of their team at the Money In The Bank event, Rousey made her way to the WWE Raw ring on July 3. However, before she could utter many words, Shayna Baszler swiftly entered the ring.

Baszler kicked off her promo by acknowledging the fans’ role in introducing Rousey to the world of professional wrestling. However, she proceeded to reveal how Rousey had failed to be there for her during pivotal moments, such as her stint on the independent circuit. “The Queen of Spades” concluded by expressing her belief that Rousey had tainted the wrestling industry and asserted her determination to be the one to silence her once and for all.

The two women then engaged in a heated brawl, exchanging a series of submission holds. Eventually, Baszler gained the upper hand and incapacitated Rousey with a powerful running knee strike.

It has always been intended for Baszler to engage in a rivalry with Ronda Rousey, the storyline has been expedited due to an impending conclusion of Rousey’s contract. If Baszler can decisively beat Rousey on her way out, she could establish herself as a perennial title contender for the foreseeable future.

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