Sheamus Defeats Matt Riddle For The United States Championship

    Sheamus defeated Matt Riddle for the WWE United States championship at WrestleMania 37.

    Sheamus was able to throw Riddle around the ring really showcasing his strength. Though Riddle was attempting to use his speed to level the playing field, it wasn’t able to save him during these offensive blows.

    Sheamus continued the physicality with clubbing forearms, but Riddle came back with a huge flipping belly-to-belly suplex from the top rope. Riddle flurried with strikes and hit the Pele kick into an exploder suplex and senton as he made his big comeback.

    Towards the end of the match Sheamus hit a Harley Race knee off the top and then went for a pin but Riddle kicked out. Sheamus went for the Brogue but Riddle kicked out, Riddle went for a moonsault off the ropes but Sheamus kicked him in the head and pinned him to win the title.

    There were multiple botches throughout and the final Brogue Kick caught Riddle square in the mouth, drawing a good amount of blood.

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