Shinsuke Nakamura says he needs to end Cody Rhodes’ story to restart his

Shinsuke Nakamura To Cody Rhodes: I Never Got To Finish My Story, So I'll Finish Yours

During the December 4th episode of WWE Raw, Cody Rhodes grabbed the microphone and recounted a childhood tale of discovering the poison mist through The Great Muta. Rhodes, feeling remorseful, admitted to overlooking the hints in Nakamura’s promos and invited him to the ring.

A video featuring Nakamura then showed emerged on the titantron, where Nakamura said that he made Rhodes’ eyes burn last week, and vowed to go a step further tonight by unveiling the truth to him. Nakamura spoke about the parallels between Rhodes’ journey and his own in 2018, saying that he never had the chance to end his own story. As a result, Nakamura declared his intention to finish Rhodes’ story instead.

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